You are seeking a home away from home for a few weeks or months? Whether you are on a business trip, travelling or just need comfortable accommodation: SMARTments business are Serviced Apartments e.g. for commuters, new residents of the city and business travellers. The ideal solution if you are looking for a smart temporary stay.


Your temporary home

Feel at home while you're away - in a cozy and fully equipped apartment.

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You'll just have more of it: flexibility, privacy and time for what really matters.

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Fascinating cities, sought-after sports: SMARTments are always where you want to be. 

Immobilienmanager-Award 2019


The SMARTments brand was awarded the renowned immobilienmanager-Award 2019 in the category "Investment". The award was given for the development of the SMARTments product line with micro apartments for different user groups. The GBI group has a great success with real estate projects in the fields of SMARTments student, business and living. The apartments are modern, well connected and affordable.



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Das SMARTments business concept

Temporary living - with the feeling of being at home


If you do not want to be bound to a place of residence over a longer period of time, the “temporary living” concept provides you with a great opportunity to find suitable accommodation for days, weeks or months at a time. It has many advantages to offer in our fast-moving age.

A temporary “home from home” as an alternative to hotel accommodation

For many people, hotels or bed & breakfasts do not meet their need for security and comfort nor do they give them the feeling of returning to a real home after work. This is why the idea of temporary living is spreading. You can rent fully furnished apartments for any period you like.

The rooms are fully equipped and provide everything you need to relax, live and sleep. You can enjoy the comfort of a fully equipped kitchen, so there is nothing to stop you doing your own cooking. A TV and washing machine are in place along with your own separate sanitary facilities. You do not have to bring half your household with you or buy anything new when you arrive. This saves you both time and unnecessary expense. Even if furnished apartments might appear a little more expensive at first, the equipment already in place gives you a financial advantage in the end.

At the same time, you do not have to miss out on many of the amenities which make a hotel stay more convenient. In addition to a reception desk providing essential information and advice you can avail yourself of the laundry service or housekeeping.

Fast and flexible: A furnished apartment in a prime location

Unlike when you rent an apartment yourself, you can enjoy the freedom that goes with not having to commit yourself to a long-term contract. The temporary rental means you only pay for the period in which you actually live in the apartment - without any tiresome deposits or ongoing rent payments for an uninhabited apartment caused by long notice periods. And, of course, you dispense not only with the laborious furnishing of the apartment, but also with the need to renovate when you move out.

While hotels are usually limited to just a bedroom with a bathroom, temporary living offers a whole new dimension. Many of the furnished apartments are like small dwellings with an additional living room as well as a spacious kitchen or a nice balcony.

Another advantage of short-term living in a furnished apartment is that you can move into a place which is ideally located close to the essential transport hubs without the need for a long drawn-out search. Living in the city centre or near the railway station is easy.

To whom is temporary living suitable for?

  • Basically, temporary living is suitable for all those who wish, or have to, spend time in a particular location for a limited period and therefore need a temporary home.
  • Business travellers having to relocate for a few weeks to another city for an important project can thus set up a cosy home from home.
  • People with temporary workplaces, such as interim managers or staff in the tourism sector, regularly have to change their place of residence. The temporary living concept makes switching around much faster and less complicated - a suitable business apartment can always be found quickly.
  • Commuters also benefit from this new way of living. Those who work in a different city during the week and can only return to their family two or three times a month for the weekend naturally need a suitable commuter home. A fully furnished apartment is the ideal solution for them. After all, it would make little sense to set up a completely new household at some other place.
  • Temporary living is also a good idea for students, trainees and interns. A semester at a different university, a three-month internship with a large company or a special training course sometimes calls for a short-term change of location. Temporary living gives those affected the opportunity to find a centrally located room for a time without a nerve-racking search for accommodation.

Furnished temporary living with SMARTments

SMARTments is your reliable partner for temporary living. Discover centrally located apartments equipped with high-quality designer furniture and enjoy the cosy atmosphere that makes temporary living so attractive.

At SMARTments, you will quickly find the right apartment for your temporary living requirements. The earlier you book, the more favourable the rental will be for you. Weekly, monthly and long-term rates are clearly itemised. You can use the calendar to see whether the accommodation you want is available for the required period. If that is the case, all you have to do is enter your personal data and book the apartment. Then you can move in straightaway with your packed suitcase and settle into your home from home.

Take a look around at your leisure, let us advise you and together we will find suitable temporary accommodation from the wide range of SMARTments available to you!