Aparthotel and apartment hotel – a definition

The type of accommodation is important for your choice, whether it is for a business trip or a holiday. In addition to the classic hotel or the traditional holiday apartment, the market now offers many interesting concepts that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the guests. These include the so-called aparthotel or apartment hotel.

What is an apartment hotel?

An aparthotel is a cross between a hotel and a holiday apartment. Instead of individual rooms, smaller or larger apartments are rented, each with its own bathroom and some with their own kitchen. Thus, the guest enjoys the freedom of a holiday apartment and additionally, the usual service of a hotel, as for example daily room cleaning, change of bed linen and towels; also the breakfast is often included. Another advantage is that unlike a holiday apartment, such an aparthotel accommodation can be booked already from one night. In this way, the guest takes the best of both worlds without having to miss anything.

For whom are aparthotels best suited?

Aparthotels, or also apartment hotels, are particularly suitable for those who like to have flexible accommodation and live at their own pace - even when travelling. Those who like to sleep in without paying attention to breakfast times, as they can also cater for themselves in the aparthotel, are in the right place here. If you have constant trouble eating like at home while travelling, then your own kitchen in the aparthotel has the solution.

However, in aparthotels as in conventional hotels, breakfast is also offered from the house - so the guest has the choice. Families with children will appreciate the idea that the kids sleep in the separate bedroom next door and not in a room that can only be reached via the hotel corridor. Small groups, friends and couples will also enjoy these apartments. Especially if you want to save a little bit in terms of food, a cooking facility within the rented four walls is priceless!

Demarcation to Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments, such as those offered by SMARTments business, stand out once again from apartment hotels, although the advantages are almost identical. One difference is that serviced apartments do not offer breakfast, though we have our own café in Berlin, for example.

So if you do not want to get busy in the kitchen early in the morning, you simply have to go to the ground floor. At our other locations, there are also many other opportunities to quickly treat you to a good breakfast: all our properties are centrally situated and close to various shopping facilities for everyday life - bakers, discounters, or cafés - the guest has the choice.

The second difference to an aparthotel is that in a serviced apartment, you stay for a longer time instead of just spending just one or a few nights. Thus, renting for only one day would be rather unusual. Generally, guests stay at least 7 to 180 days. Otherwise, people who like flexibility and want to live centrally at the same time will find that a serviced apartment like SMARTments business offers the same advantages as an apartment hotel.

Demarcation to a traditional hotel

The difference is easy to explain: In a hotel - as the name suggests - the guest only gets just a hotel room - without a fully equipped kitchenette or any individual scope. A hotel room serves primarily as a place for short visits. Therefore the equipment is confined to the basic necessities.

Those who decide to stay in an aparthotel or a serviced apartment do not have to do without any service that is known from the hotel. Instead, one gains some additional liberties, does not have to adapt to the hotel's own time schedule and still enjoys some offers such as room cleaning. Basically, the serviced apartments have everything what a hotel offers, but in addition, there is more space for living, enjoying and self-fulfilment.