Insider tips for Munich: sights that not everyone knows about

Oktoberfest and Viktualienmarkt, Olympiastadion and Leopoldstrasse - these are the sights of Munich, which are highlighted in every travel guide. A visit to a real Bavarian beer garden is also a must for many tourists. However, the Bavarian capital at the foot of the Alps has more to offer. We are happy to forward some insiders tips for Munich and tell you what places might also be worth seeing.

The Olympic Mountain

If you visit the Allianz-Arena and go for a walk in the Olympic Park, you should not shy away from climbing the Olympic Mountain that was piled up in the years after 1947 from the debris of the Second World War. On its top, it offers a grand view of the Olympic Park, the stadium and, of course, of the city's skyline. The alpine panorama in the background rounds off the view. Sportive tourists are invited to jog, walk, rent boats or pedal boats.

City stroll also in the side streets

A detour away from the bustling shopping malls of the big, well-known streets is always worth your while. At the Rindermarkt, tourists will find one of Munich's oldest buildings - the medieval Löwenturm. Unfortunately, it is no longer accessible today. In the side streets of Leopoldstrasse, you can admire splendidly renovated Art Nouveau villas - at least from the outside. For example, visitors to Georgenstrasse will discover the Bissing Palace, grand building, which was renovated in 1979 according to historical models. On another note: The Visgardigasse near Odeonplatz shows touching traces of the inglorious Third Reich.

Relax in the Müller‘sches Volksbad

After an exciting day with a stroll through all of Munich's major sights, a visit to the Müller'sche Volksbad is definitely worthwhile. When it was opened in 1901 in magnificent Art Nouveau style, it was deemed one of the most modern baths in Europe. Even today, stylish swimming and sauna treatments are still the order of the day. Traditionally, bathtubs are also offered. Cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts are currently expanding the bathing pleasure.

For curious people: the Palaeontological Museum

Preparations and testimonies of extinct animals and plants can be viewed at the Palaeontological Museum in Munich. History comes alive here near Königsplatz! Whether skeletons of a sabre-toothed tiger and a mammoth or fossils of birds and plants - not only children will be thrilled by the exhibition.

Visiting the neighbourhood beer garden

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Munich's large beer gardens, you should head for the district of Gern. There, the locals meet in the Taxisgarten and let the day fade away on a cozy note. Pleasant conversations, cool drinks and delicious food (insider tip: try the spare ribs!) that conveys the Bavarian attitude to life.