Digital nomads

The world of work has changed rapidly in recent years, has it not? Working from the home office or as a digital nomad is now commonplace. If you used to look for overnight accommodation because you were on a business trip, you now book more freedom and comfort directly - as in the case of the digital nomads who are housed in SMARTments business.

What are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are employees, entrepreneurs and self-employed people who work exclusively by means of digital technologies and can therefore carry out their work anywhere in the world. This makes them location-independent, which is why people who like to travel and explore the world can increasingly be found in these fields. On the Internet and on social media platforms such as Facebook, there are many forums and groups that offer tips to those interested.

After all, the world of work has changed so profoundly, and more and more people want to work without having to commute to the office every day. Instead, in warmer climates, they may enjoy their morning coffee in a hammock overlooking the sea; or sit in an urban neighbourhood, drinking their coffee in a museum or street café, from where they operate and communicate with their laptop. In big cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Vienna, we at SMARTments business are more and more often counting digital nomads among our guests.

Pros and cons

Advantages: These include, for example, the freedom to work independently of place and time, from anywhere in the world. In this way, work can be adapted to the lifestyle and not the other way around. Depending on the place you choose, you can benefit as a digital nomad from living quite affordably. For example, if you work for European clients and are paid accordingly, but have settled in Thailand, where the cost of living is lower, you can enjoy a quite good life under palm trees with little effort. The work-life balance is hard to beat. However, there are also disadvantages or points that should be considered carefully beforehand.

A drawback of living and working so far away from home is certainly that homesickness could arise. This has already moved many a traveller to pack his bags again. And of course there are bureaucratic hurdles to overcome if you want to live and work in a foreign country such as taking out insurance abroad, applying for a visa, deregistering from Germany and much more.

Working independly of location: Tips you will need

As a digital nomad, you no longer have to go to the office every day, but you have to have your own digital office with you. At the very least, this includes:

  • a laptop,
  • headphones,
  • video- and photo cameras,
  • charging cable,
  • external hard drives

An Internet connection must not only be available, but it has also to be fast so that work can be done swiftly. A functioning SIM card from a domestic provider is also a must-have to be easily accessible. And of course, you should not forget your local trade registration.

But before you start, you should take care of needed visas and consider whether to cancel or suspend your health insurance at home. The same applies to your legal residence in Germany. Apart from your equipment, it is advisable to travel only with the most necessary things. Make sure that your travel bag is waterproof and always have sturdy shoes in your luggage, even if you end up on the beach. On site you should develop a steady daily routine so that you have enough time not only to work, but also to live and enjoy.

These tips are mainly intended for digital nomads who are planning to leave Europe behind and emigrate, even if only for a limited period of time. Be sure to find out what your situation is with your pension before you embark on such a journey or emigration: It's not something you should leave to your future ego.

Living in SMARTments business

SMARTments business was developed for people who value individual freedom, as is certainly the case with digital nomads. At our houses, you can freely live, work and relax within your own four walls for a planned limited period of time. The optimum environment is ensured: high-speed Internet, power sockets, charging stations, networking capabilities plus a large flat screen – it’s all there. You can arrange your everyday life yourself, without fixed breakfast times, etc. You can stay at SMARTments business for a few weeks or months and have your own fully equipped apartment. If you want to invite friends to cook or watch a movie, you are free to do so. You have an overnight guest? No problem. Your apartment, your rules! All our properties are centrally located and have good connections to airports and train stations. So you can enjoy even more freedom and comfort.