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Coronavirus information

Essential information for our guests

The current development is very challenging for all of us. The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is affecting our everyday lives to an unprecedented extent. Every hour new reports on the acute situation are coming in.

In order to support the speedy containment of the corona pandemic and to guarantee our guests, but also our staff, optimum protection, we have taken far-reaching measures to ensure that SMARTments business continues to operate as normally as possible.

We not only want to offer you general travel security, but also guarantee optimal booking flexibility - for we take the current situation very seriously and want to help and accommodate all our guests in the best possible way.

Here you will find all relevant and up-to-date information on the current situation.

Update +++ 18.10.2020 +++

Update: Entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany has imposed travel restrictions on entry from many countries. Within Germany, special travel regulations apply to residents from districts with over 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. Detailed information including exceptions.

Update +++ 16.10.2020 +++

Entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany has imposed travel restrictions on entry from many countries. Within Germany, special travel regulations apply to residents from districts with over 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. Detailed information including exceptions.

Update +++ 28.07.2020 +++

Our opening times

The opening hours of the reception are still limited. Learn more.

Update +++ 20.07.2020 +++

Results of our guest survey

We conducted a guest survey and received very positive feedback. We are pleased that our guests are satisfied with our services during the Corona epidemic.

Update +++ 13.05.2020 +++

We put special emphasis on hygiene and safety

All our locations benefit from the same high standard.

  • The cleaning of the apartments is carried out with breathing masks, gloves and a professional cleaning agent
  • After the departure of a guest, the apartments are not used for at least 72 hours
  • Public areas are intensively cleaned several times a day
  • All surfaces that are often used (lift buttons, door blades, etc.) are regularly cleaned with disinfectant
  • All housekeeping staff wear gloves
  • Hand disinfection are available in the lobby 

Update +++ 24.04.2020 +++

All sites are now also bookable from one night on

Despite the Corona crisis, all our properties are open and bookable starting from one night. If you need accommodation, you can always come and stay with us easily at any time!

Update +++ 01.04.2020 +++


We support the #HospitalityHeroes and make available to them our apartments. We are in dialogue with hospitals and cities.

Update +++ 27.03.2020 +++

We also rent out our apartments as individual offices

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 demands a great deal from all of us. In order to protect the population from a rapid spread in the best possible way, large parts of public life have been suspended.

Naturally, the current situation also significantly affects the world of work.

  • All those currently still working in the office must take very special precautions - such as keeping the right distance from work colleagues or thoroughly and frequently disinfecting used areas (workplace / door handles).
  • All those are already working in the home office are facing completely different challenges: Lack of space (e.g.: no separate study), unsuitable working conditions (e.g.: no desk of one’s own), slow Internet (e.g.: long loading times), distractions or a noisy environment (e.g.: children / roommates) can severely disrupt the usual workflow.

Special situations call for special action: Therefore we offer our apartments from now on also as individual offices.



Update +++ 19.03.2020 +++

Advantages of a SMARTments business

  1. Less contact with other guests
    You share only a few common facilities and meet far smaller numbers of people.
  2. Your own kitchenette
    You can cook in your own kitchen and avoid busy buffets or restaurants.
  3. Long-stay product
    Your furniture and bedding were used by far fewer guests and cleaned more intensively.
  4. Self-cleaning
    You can clean your Serviced Apartment yourself at any time. For this purpose, our service rooms with cleaning agents are available on each floor.
  5. No fear of quarantine
    You are less exposed to the risk of being quarantined. And if you are, then you can enjoy the comfort of a Design Serviced Apartment.
  6. Service made to measure
    If you wish to have the surfaces in your apartment specially cleaned, we disinfect them. If you do not wish this, please let us know by email or telephone.

Please note: We are also bound by the requirements of the Federal Government, so that we will restrict our service if appropriate decrees are issued.

Disinfected surfaces at receptions, in lifts etc. were a matter of course for us before the corona crisis and will be intensified in the current situation.

We nevertheless reserve the right to close the lounges in our properties for your and our safety.

What measures have we taken?

We already introduced the infection prevention measures on February 5, 2020 and are continuously adapting them to the current situation.

  • Disinfectants can be provided in our facilities as needed and according to availability.
    We ask for your understanding that delivery bottlenecks may occur, so that we cannot provide you with free disinfection every day.
  • In addition to the cleaning that is already taking place regularly and very thoroughly: cleaning and disinfection of surfaces are carried out in public areas - including reception area, lifts, etc.
  • To protect our staff, we have enabled as many colleagues as possible to work from home. Therefore, you may not always meet a personal representative on site.

Booking conditions

Stay flexible!

By making an advance payment of 10%* of the booking value, your booking is guaranteed. We do not want to give you any sleepless nights during this time. Stay flexible by booking with us until the day of your arrival!

I cannot or do not wish to travel. How can I cancel my booking?

1) FREE cancellation (Short-, Medium- und Longstay): A free cancellation of the reservation is possible until 3 p.m. on the day of arrival** and you will be refunded your advance payment in full. In the event of later cancellation, the house reserves the right to debit 100% of the room rate from the credit card if the reservation is not re-rented.

2) Non-refundable: A free cancellation of the reservation not possible. In case of non arrival we will charge a 100% of the full amount.

* The amount of the advance payment varies from location to location. Please inform yourself in time before your booking.
**This offer is valid for stays up to and including 31.12.2020. Bookings with an arrival after 31.12.2020 for the year 2021 can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. Do you have any questions? Please contact us by e-mail or phone.

How do I act correctly?

*This overview can also be found as a display in all our properties.

What do I do if I suspect I'm infected?

1) Do not panic!
2) Check your symptoms

3) Contact your doctor or health authority only by telephone

  • Germany-wide number of Health Office
    116 117
  • Austria-wide number of Health Office
    0800 555 621

4) Please follow the instructions!
5) Notify a SMARTments business representative

This way we can ensure the safety of all guests

Whom can I contact with questions?

Reception opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:30 am. - 5 pm.

0049 40 229 25-0 |

Reception opening hours:
Mon: 9 am. - 13 pm. & 3 pm. - 7 pm.
Tues-Thu: 9 am. - 1 pm.
Fri: 7 am. - 1 pm.

0049 89 360 90 21-0 |

Reception opening hours:
Mom & Thu: 8 am. -2 pm.
Tues & Fri: 10 am. - 4 pm.
Wed: closed

0049 30 526 73 29-0 |

Reception opening hours:
Mon, Wed & Fri: 2 pm. - 7pm.
Tues & Thu: 8 am. - 1 pm.


0049 30 265 90 06-0 |

Reception opening hours:
Mon, Wed & Fri: 2 pm. - 7pm.
Tues & Thu: 8 am. - 1 pm.

0049 30 754 40 40-0 |

Reception opening hours:
Mon & Wed: 3 pm. - 7 pm.
Tues, Thu & Fri: 8 am. - noon

0043 1 890 80 85-0 |

*During these reception hours, a staff member is available to answer your questions or respond to other concerns at the reception desk. By phone, we are usually available from 8 am. to 8:30 pm.