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Looking for a home away from home for a few weeks or months? Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or simply need a temporary place to stay, SMARTments business are serviced apartments for commuters, newcomers to the city and business travellers. The ideal solution if you are seeking smart temporary accommodation!

SMARTments business is currently at your disposal in 8 locations:

Another location will follow soon in Frankfurt.

We are, however, always on the lookout for new suitable locations.


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In terms of building requirements, SMARTments business can use and operate the following types of buildings:

  • Existing apartment houses and hotels
  • Existing office and industrial buildings
  • New buildings
  • Mixed developments (also with hotel)

In addition, the following building-specific requirements apply:

  • > 3.000m² GFA up to max. 6.700 m² GFA
  • > 80 units up to max. 180 units
  • ⍉ 37m² GFA per apartment
  • Building depth of approx. 16m
  • Public areas must be spacious enough to accommodate reception, lounge and laundry
  • Reception does not necessarily have to be on the ground floor
  • Apartments on the ground floor are possible (with green screening

Why should you invest in us?

An up-and-coming market segment: 

  • Segment growth 60% by 2022
  • We are one of the forerunners and largest providers!


  • Low proportion of public space and high space efficiency in any building layout

Low seasonal dependency:

  • Less seasonality of long-term stays compared to hotel


  • High direct booking rate of 80%
  • Strong sales and revenue growth

We are looking for...

Mixed properties:
Our example - Berlin Karlshorst

New buildings:
Our example - Wien Hauptbahnhof

Our example - Hamburg Außenalster

Single rental properties:
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Location criteria: 

  • Central or district location with very good public transport connections
  • Parking space key 1:20
  • Short distances to business HotSpots
  • Mixed use with services, offices or (subordinate) retail is possible

Property requirements:

  • From 3.000m² GFA
  • Apartment units: 80 to 180

We offer:

  • Long-term, management and hybrid contracts

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