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SMARTments rely on Sustainability


Sustainability at SMARTments

Overarching, sustainability is the principle of action for the optimised use of resources, in which the preservation of the essential qualities, the stability and the natural regenerative capacity of the respective system take centre stage (AK Hotelimmobilien).

SMARTments also have a corporate responsibility to prepare society for future generations. For sustainable management, we have consulted the three-pillar model for our company:

Social Affairs

In the social sphere, we focus on our corporate values.


In the area of ecology, SMARTments implements measures for clean water, clean energy and responsible use and production.


The focus of the economy is on sustainable commercial growth.

Biosphere certified

Social Affairs

In addition to adhering to our corporate values, contentment of our employees at work is permanently in the foreground at SMARTments.

Fair contracts

Fair payment

Free public transport ticket

Large range of training courses

Identification and promotion of high potentials

Promotion of young talent and educational opportunities Apprenticeships, dual studies, career changers, graduates

Likewise, we have a very high proportion of women in management positions plus a good mix of young and old, as well as many international colleagues who vigorously support the targets of our company.

Results of the latest staff opinion survey (status: January 2021):

We measure the success of our offers annually in a staff survey to help us maintaining a continuous positive trend.

One of the most fundamental core values of our company is equality!

Job satisfaction and the well-being of our staff are very dear to us.

Our colleagues have made the following statements in the survey:


Procedures that we already use for sustainable development:

Cleaning and delivery
Reduction of water and energy consumption as well as of chemicals and CO2 footprint thanks to a weekly cleaning & linen change and less frequent delivery rhythms.

Waste separation
We separate waste - and should our guests occasionally be less conscientious, the house technicians will help.

Energy-saving lighting concept
The lobby is dimmed at night, all public areas and apartments are equipped with energy-saving LEDs and the public areas are additionally fitted with timers or motion detectors.

Working paperless
Wherever possible, we avoid the use of paper. The registration form is digital, as is our invoicing process in the accounts payable and accounts receivable areas.

We are committed to purchasing electric power with a high share of renewable energies. By 2030, we want to increase our share to 75% and thus contribute to achieving the climate targets in Germany.



SMARTments are successful. Our first student residences have been in operation since the 1970s - and we would like to hang on to this success.

Long-term leases shape the face of a neighbourhood for a long time to come

Easing the housing market through the option of a temporary home

Digitalisation for a sustainable development