Eating healthy on business trips

Nowadays, healthy diet plays increasingly a crucial role for more and more people. In everyday life and at home, they therefore pay more attention to the organic seal, the origin of the meat or they cook themselves to get through the day well. On business trips, however, all these requirements often cannot be met. On the one hand you are dependent on what the hotel offers and on the other hand it is even more difficult to quickly find a suitable restaurant in a foreign city.

How do I get through the day?

Every business traveller should already have exactly two things with him before leaving: Enough water and some healthy snacks. In addition to a bottle of water, it is advisable to bring some fruit such as apples and bananas, but also muesli bars. This saves you from turning to sweetened soft drinks and from occasional cravings that often tempt you at train stations to pick up a slice of pizza or order a burger. These are the two major pitfalls for health: Too much sugar and too much fat. Nutritional values at that are almost non-existent - the body is full, but has not gained any energy from eating to get through the day any stronger.

So the first rule is: Preparation is everything!

Meal Prep is not just for athletes

Athletes are familiar with the so-called Meal Prep, the preparation of meals in storage cans. Since competitive athletes are dependent on a protein-rich diet, but are not served anywhere else, they always have their food with them. And that sounds more complicated than it actually is, because it is all a question of habit. So why not adapt this practice for business trips? So that you don't depend on the high-calories buffet even during meetings, where often there is no choice but sandwiches and cakes. Especially vegetarians and vegans will benefit from this preparation in the long run, as they often have to either starve or gnaw on an apple they brought along.

Eating out

Of course, it is not always possible to take your meals out of your laptop bag, especially on business trips, where a meeting is often followed by a business dinner. Here it is recommended - if you have a chance to have a say - to refer to Indian and Thai restaurants. Experience has shown that the options of getting healthy, steam-cooked vegetables are greatest here. Especially in English-speaking countries many business travellers fall back on these same restaurants since it may be healthier than dining in a hotel. However, if you travel to Bavaria, vegans will have more trouble finding vegetarian or even vegan dishes on the menus outside their own kitchen. Here, the self-catering is again the only option to get through the day according to one's healthy habits.

Speaking of habits: You should stick to them, especially when it comes to eating at the time your body is expecting it from you. Keeping the rhythm is the alpha and omega for business trips.

Vegetarian, vegan and healthy in SMARTments business

The great advantage of renting a SMARTments business apartment is the opportunity of self-catering thanks to the incorporated kitchenette. The small kitchen is especially popular with those who like to eat consciously. Through various shopping facilities in the vicinity of the residence you can buy fresh goods and prepare them yourself - just the way you are used to and like it. If you prefer a vegetarian diet, you are not dependent on what the hotel buffet offers.

If you want to eat a vegan diet, eating outside your own four walls can often be a challenge. Some restaurants still offer side salads and fries as vegan "alternatives"! Needless to say that this is neither healthy nor satiating. But this is now over! Because even in a new city you should have the opportunity to follow your healthy habits and not have to give up anything.

Since our kitchenette is equipped with everything you need, you no longer have to neglect your body and your health when you are on the road!