Mobile Key – SMARTments with Smart Lock

In Munich all our guests can check in without a key. These are the advantages of the mobile key.

Our name says it all. And so it will be particularly smart in Munich's SMARTments from April with the Mobile Key from Hotelbird! Guests can then check in, check out and much more using the app.

More liberties for our guests

From March on you can check in directly to your room in our SMARTments in Munich without any waiting time. This is made sure by the Hotelbird app, which digitalises the entire communication process between the reception and the guests.

For the guest this spells more freedom. The following processes are automated:

  • Check-In,
  • Information service,
  • Room key

This turns your smart-phone into a hotel reception desk; unpleasant waiting times are shortened and the staff can respond more to the individual wishes of the guest thanks to this assistance. Both long-stay and short-stay guests can now act more independently. And you have the choice: No matter whether you prefer traditional or modern service, the ordinary key-card can be used parallel to the digital key.

How does an electronic door lock work?

It sounds like pure dreams of the future: There is no visible locking mechanism in the door lock anymore, which protects against break-ins. The entire system is controlled by the electronic lock, functions such as the alarm system and other modes of security monitoring are also linked to it. This allows you to see exactly when the door was opened and by whom.

With the Smart Key door lock, the locking is still mechanical, but access is electronically controlled. The transponder and the receiver in the door lock communicate with each other via an encrypted radio link. Access authorisation can be set in advance, even for a specific time, as will be the case in our apartments. Afterwards, these authorisations are simply deleted again.

Hotelbird enables the use of digital smart-phone keys for the entrance and room doors through a retrofit Bluetooth module in the door lock. Although some guests still have concerns about the security of such innovative locking systems, the digital key is by far more secure than the mechanical door lock. The electronic version cannot be easily manipulated, unauthorised persons and burglars have almost no chance.

Mobile Key - the advantages at a glance

  • More secure than conventional door locks
  • More convenience through keyless door opening
  • Check-in and check-out at any time of day or night
  • Never lose the key again
  • No more rummaging for the key
  • No more lockouts
  • Overview of all room accesses
  • Forgetting the key in the room is a thing of the past

The advantages of Hotelbird

It is no coincidence that Hotelbird is the market leader in the smart key sector. Technically, they are state-of-the-art and security is a top priority. The mobile payment process is carried out by a certified payment provider and sensitive data is neither stored in the app nor on the server. Not up for downloading the app? No problem, because Hotelbird also offers its services via the web browser.

It could hardly be smarter: SMARTments - Smart key!